Mission Statement

Pakistani American Community of Atlanta is a non-profit, social and cultural organization to promote the diverse cultures, languages, and heritage of Americans of Pakistani origin. It serves as a community organization representing Pakistani Americans residing in Metro-Atlanta. PAC-Atlanta also serves as an advocate for civil rights and provides outreach to other communities as well as government institutions. It also aimed at promoting the economic, educational, and social interests of the community.

Our vision is to serve the regional Pakistani American community in the areas of cultural, educational, trade, politics advocacy awareness. Furthermore, our vision is that Pakistani Americans in Atlanta are recognized as integral to the lives of all Americans and across the nation.

Our mission is to build recognition and support for the extraordinary and dynamic Pakistani American Community with its value of the vision and to lead, serve, and advance the diverse networks of organizations and individuals in America.

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Our Objectives

To embolden the course to in-still civil rights for all. To promote interfaith and intercultural tolerance and harmony. To impart advocacy and civic engagement within the Pakistani-American communities.

Cultivating an empowered and able future leadership for a more inclusive and diversify the United States

Assisting Pakistani Americans in acquiring relevant leadership skills, in particular, supporting youth leadership and preparation for future public offices and services.

Passionate Activists

Sponsorship Coordinators

Rashid Humayun

Ron Surani

Zulfiqar Abbas

Raheel Malik

NICOP Coordinator

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Programme Coordinator

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